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Design, production and supply of pumping systems and related services in the fields of water, agriculture, oil, gas and petrochemical, industry and mining, power plant, facilities and environment, relying on the knowledge and skills of employees, new management systems, technology and superior quality and capable network of supply of products and services.

Organizational values and beliefs:

1-Participation and satisfaction of stakeholders

2-Teamwork spirit




PUMPIRAN was founded in 1973, and from the beginning a license agreement with KSB pump manufacturing company of Germany was signed which lasted for 20 years. Now more than 400 educated and experienced staff are working in its engineering departments, production lines and test facilities. The total area for manufacturing workshops, test facilities, and administration is around 40,000 square meters located in 87000 square meters of space.

PUMPIRAN has been active in designing and manufacturing variety of pumps for water and other related industries. The variety of materials such as cast iron, Bronze, and steel alloys is used in the production of pumps and its products are distributed in domestic and worldwide markets.

PUMPIRAN currently belongs to “Iran Pump Manufacturing Industries Company” as a parent corporate, which is the major shareholder of the following companies:

Pumpiran: The manufacturer of various kinds of Submersible Electro Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps and Split Case Pumps.

Navid Sahand: The manufacturer of various kinds of Sewage & Drainage Pumps, Mixed Flow & Propeller Pumps.

Navid MotorThe manufacturer of various kinds of Industrial & Domestic Electric Motors and Special Pumps.

Tolombe Sazan: After Sales Service Spare Part Manufacturer and Distributor.

Rasha: The Manufacturer of Various Kinds of Foundry Parts.

Azar Fulad godaz: The foundry for casting of various kinds of carbon steel, low-alloy and high-alloy steel and stainless-steel parts.



Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 9001-2015

Environmental Management Systems Certificate, ISO 14001-2015

OH & S Management System Certificate, ISO 45001-2018

Laboratory Accreditation Certificate, ISO/IEC 17025-2005

CE Certificate

Customer Satisfaction Management Certificate, ISO 10002-2018

Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award for all its operations.

PUMPIRAN has agencies in most cities of Iran and some foreign countries.

In order to realize various needs of customers and comply with legal requirements, PUMPIRAN has obtained a variety of standards. To provide high quality products, meeting the demands of customers, compliance with legal issues and possible environmental contamination, PUMPIRAN has designed its systems in which, consideration has been made to all rules and regulations related to product quality, safety issues, users and environmental aspects related to the products. To achieve these goals, PUMPIRAN with its long-standing experience in the field of standard compliance and documentation has taken Integrated Management Systems (IMS) certification.

Furthermore, in order to solve problems quickly, employees are encouraged to participate in decision making process for continuous quality improvement of products and customer satisfaction. By establishing suggestion system, effective steps have been taken to attract employees in increasing quality under the efficacy of 5S system which has provided favorable activity context.

Quality circles have been activated to support corporate decision-making process, institutionalize in productive activities and clarify the duties of sections and units. Each circuit consists of representatives from quality control, manufacturing, engineering, planning, purchasing, maintenance and sale departments.

In order to solve problems quickly, the circuits have meetings every day.

PUMPIRAN Test facilities obtained ISO/IEC 17025-2005 as the first company in Iranian pump industry. By accurate and prompt test services attempts to satisfy customers. PUMPIRAN has established two test Plants to meet the growing demand of the industry. No.1 as production line end test, and No.2 for high power range equipped with medium voltage and low voltage electric supply systems. Tests are conducted according to latest version of international standards as API, DIN, ISO and Iran national standards.

PUMPIRAN test rig is known as an accredited test facility of Iran national standard organization and committed to confidence and truthfulness of its experts. Accurate measurements for hydraulic and electric tests are basic functions in official competency.

In addition, test facilities have competency certificate from National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI) as the member of International Laboratories Accreditation Center (ILAC).

Our experts participate in the collection of acceptance test standards for rotodynamic pumps and the specifications of class I, II, III pumps as national standards.

PUMPIRAN offers suitable after sales services and meeting all requirements and needs of our customers is the core mission of the company.

PUMPIRAN believes that high quality service is the base for customer satisfaction.

Experienced and educated staff are ready to offer quality services and based on the high technical knowledge are able to provide initiative solutions for solving problems.

Engineers and technicians in wide sale service network are beside of customers to answer questions and evaluating problems to find proper and comprehensive solutions.

Maintenance program has a very important role in increasing durability and efficiency of equipmen

PUMPIRAN provides high quality spare parts and guarantees long term operation of all of its products.

Educational seminars for governmental organizations, industries, refineries and universities regarding principles of selection, installation and operation of pumps are main part of after sale service activities.

PUMPIRAN Engineering Department is responsible for design and production according to customer specification. They assist in introducing variety of catalogs, brochures and provide technical information for customer needs. They help the end users and pump station operators in terms of frequently asked questions such as electro pump alignment, proper installation level of suction (inlet pipe), the effect of temperature, viscosity and the specification of pumping media.

Applying different materials including gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, Bronze, cast steel and stainless steel provides the ability of widely using our products for handling sewage, chemicals and hydrocarbon.

They provide expert advice regarding liquid analysis, PH, corrosion, sediments, introduce size and type of pumps and offer best solution.

The Engineering Department provides all technical documents, parts analysis for pattern making and looks for suitable new subjects to apply international standards for production process.

On site educational seminars for companies such as water & waste water organization, various industries, refineries and universities are held by our experts for proper selection, installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

The Engineering Department also works closely with consulting engineering companies on making the right choices when it comes to structure and specification of products. Renewing existing equipment in pump station and water supply systems and pumping circuits in various processes is part of their consulting area.