Single or multi-stage, single-flow centrifugal pumps in ring-section design. For vertical and depend on number of stages and to motor size also for angled and horizontal installation. Radial or mixed-flow hydraulics with reducible impellers. The stage casings of radial pumps are connected by means of tie bands, these of mixed flow pumps by means of studs. Suction casing between pump and motor with suction strainer as protection of pump against coarse impurities of the liquid handled.

Pumps normally are produced with non-return valve.


Delivery of clean or slightly contaminated water for general water supply duties, in irrigation and sprinkling systems, in pressure boosting plants, in emergency water supply, in ground-water lowering and maintaining plants. In addition, they are used in mining, in sprinkler installation, in fountains. Admissible contents of sand in the liquid handled:50 g/m³.


Output size:                                    1½ to 8 inch

Capacity:                                         Up to 650 m³/h

Head:                                               Up to 600 m

Test pressure:                                 65 bar

Electromotor power:                     1.5 to 350 kW